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This image is so powerful. The creator of this is trying to get the point across the fact that the color of our skin does not matter and that we are all the same on the inside. We all have hearts we all have other organs and they all look the same no matter what our skin color is on the outside. This appears to emotions because of all the news and racist hate crime we hear about day after day. if we all look the same on the inside then why have hate crime and why be so rude to someone because they do not look like you on the outside.

The text in this picture is just three words, three colors one on top of each heart. very simple. If the image itself was taken away it would not be as powerful, you would just think it is a list of three different colors. Adding in the hearts is what gets the point that everyone is the same on the inside across. The background is just white and plain which helps put focus on the hearts and the three words to help get the point across distraction free.

The text and visual art work together perfectly because with just the visual one or the other you would not understand what the point is that the creator wants everyone to realize.

We have the meats

This article is about how stereotyped advertisements are and who they use and the meaning behind it all. Well for starters this article begins in a grocery store with men one buying tofu and the other buying meats and the it shows that if you are a man buying tofu you are not man enough. From here it continues into the ads for fast food companies and how they use a man as the main character to show their food is manly food and that they should eat there. Well for one I think it is stupid because girls can be meat eaters to. I honestly think the perception the world has one men being manly and meat eaters and women being objects and used as awards for eating a place or as entertainment is just stupid.

But to cover the article they go into detail about 5 or 6 different fast food places and a commercial that each one has produced. For instance they show that subway has all of these different sandwiches but the sandwich that is more girly and has less food on it is furthest from the camera meaning it doesn’t really get any recognition.  The sandwich with a ton of meat is up front so it encourages the men to come eat it.

Arby’s slogan in general is ” We have the meats” so if you’re a man and looking for a place to eat that is manly enough for you, then you would probably go there.

The article not only talks about how females are used as an object or as an award but as a small character in the background as a mom for a father son bit.

This article shows that in the world things as simple as a commercial are being used to show things like masculinity without even really noticing unless you are paying attention to it.

This also shows that there are hidden signs in everything you see.images

Bitter Skies

Image result for bitter skiesThis assignment we are to find a distraction free writing tool, download it, and explore it. I downloaded focus writer. This tool is cool because the whole screen becomes the writing paper and you can choose your “theme” (background). You can change the background every time you write so it is something that can help you stay focused on writing what you are sitting down to write.

The tool bar is also hidden but when you scroll your mouse over it it pops up. I think this is helpful for those who have a hard time focusing on writing and need help to with sitting there and getting their thoughts out onto paper. I think this would be very helpful for me when I need to bust out an essay or speech or even just personal thoughts on things. It is relaxing to have a background theme that I chose personally to help me write and focus. I choose bitter skies as my background because it is a storm with lightening and I happen to oddly find storms calming.

What sucks about this tool is that you can not just minimize the window and go back and forth between a web browser that may have information on what you are writing about so you would have to write down all of your information on paper and type it up from copying your notes.  Also you can not change the font or size which kind of sucks because for some assignments you have to do a certain font and size. I could get past that though because after typing all of my things I could easily copy all the text and paste it into word and change the font and size of text after I have finished writing.

I think I may try this tool when writing my next essay to see how it works out for me. This particular tool I believe can be so helpful to all writers. I think this tool appeals to a lot of people because of all the different themes it has for you to choose form.

Over all I truly think focus writer is a good distraction free writing download that can come in handy for so many things. It definitely has more ups about it than downs and I would recommend it to my friends who have trouble concentrating while writing.



How do we know what we know and do is right? Evidence gives us proof that what we say is right or is wrong. But evidence is not always what it seems. In this article we learn that most of what we come up with and think is bias and we come up with it based on things we have only seen. You can say all swans are white, which to you is true because that is all you have seen but in another country someone has spotted a black swan which means they are not all white. We tend to come uo with logical things on our own based on our own understanding. Reasoning is our evidence. There is two types of reasoning inductive and deductive.

We learn when we are little that light comes from light switches and that if a light is turned on we  will look around to see who turned it on. We come up with evidence on our own based on our knowledge and things we have seen and come to know. While someone can say all pit bulls are evil because everyone they have encountered and heard stories about is a mean untrained dog yet , I know they are not all evil because I own one and she is the most loving dog I have personally ever encountered. This is an example of inductive reasoning which is based on experience and makes us human beings.

With inductive reasoning we are not always right because we do not go based on all facts that can be looked at we go based on facts about what we have seen but we can not see all. We do not know all. With this type of reasoning we are more likely to look at a good probability of that same thing happening again.

People will argue that there evidence is right yet sometimes int he midst of arguments you find evidence that counters your own. We can take a simple quiz like the one in the reading and know all the answers right away based on what we know but if a computer were to take that same quiz it would come up with different answers. This happens because a computer thinks of every possible answer and outcome when us humans do not. We don’t think of all the answers because we go based off the things we have seen and the logic behind them.

Evidence is can prove your point or prove another persons point.




But Wait I say

Yes/no/okay,but:  This chapter talks about great ways to respond to things based on what others have to say. I mean someone is always going to have something to say so learning how to respond to them is a great thing. It’s all about if you agree or disagree or even both and then from there you build your case.It was great reading this chapter because in high school I remember being told to write essays on if I agree or disagree,when I would choose disagree because it was easier for me to come up with so many reasons to disagree with it. However, I have had times where I was told to write a response as if I agree to it and every time I just merely scratch the surface. I always just repeated what I could agree with most in that particular essay or article. I love how this chapter explains how to agree or disagree or do both and gives me templates so when I come across having to write something about it again I can state my feelings and opinions better and in a more academia way.

And Yet:  This chapter really hits the nail on the head with making sure that what you say is clear that it came from you and what someone else has said is clear that it did not come form you. It gives an example on how you can do it creatively like Mantsios did. He clearly stated what was said by someone else and stating that he disagrees by adding in “or so it would seem”. Using this technique gave such a clear view that he was disagreeing with what someone else had to say.  It is so important to make sure that your voice is being heard, and get this, using “I” and “we” is allowed! Growing up in the school system we learn that using those words is like allowed maybe 10% of the time but we can use them and be just as effective as if we never used them. Now don’t get me wrong, we cannot use them for every thing in every sentence but knowing that in reality it does not make our writing any worse to use them is nice to know and nice to not have to worry. Like other sections in this book it gives templates on how to clearly state that someone else has said something and when you are the one saying it, also helps you show your agreement or disagreement.

Skeptics may object:  This chapter focuses on the “naysayers”.  When writing most of us including myself want to focus on our own point and hardly touch on the opposing view but by doing that we more or less help the opposite side. By really taking what the other side says and making a point to smash what they are saying with facts that back it up is the best way to actually persuade people. This part of the book suggests that including the naysayers point in our own writing actually helps our writing into being more academic and more people may be persuaded to our idea. I know for myself I find it a lot harder to include the opposing side because why bring it up if I’m trying to  prove my point but it actually makes sense to bring it up and use facts to prove that that idea is the wrong one.

So what? Who cares?:  This section talks about when you are writing it is important to make clear as to why someone should care about what you have to say. Assuming that your readers or audience will understand your point as to why what you are saying it is important is not always the case, in the book is gives examples about how we have all probably left from a talk not knowing why we should care about it. Stating that someone else cares or the real reason they should care and really listen to what you have to say can make or break a writing or speech.  This section also gives templates on how to answer these questions in your writing. When there is not an answer to so what, or who cares it makes it easier to lose the audience.


“oh my god, that song is so lit”

What does lit even mean?

Lit has been a slang word for years and it use to mean “intoxicated” but now is being made new again and has a whole different meaning. What meaning does it hold now you ask? Well now it is being used to describe something as exciting or excellent.

In the last year or so teenagers have been using the word “lit” to describe things but when I asked my sister-in-law ( who is in high school) she just replied with ” it’s just lit”.  Kids now  a days come up with new words for things. Where we use to use “tight” they now use “lit” .  I never understood what the point was or how in the 5 year age gap between me and her could be so big considering I had never before heard the word “lit” until she used it.

To the kids using this word it means that was cool, or lets just hang out and have fun or lets party, for some kids the party part involves getting high or drunk but for others it just means getting together with friends and having fun.

When my whole family was together one night my sister-in-law used the word “lit” to describe something in which her mom told her to stop using that word. You see back in the day the word “lit” use to mean light up a blunt and get high so she was not pleased that her fourteen year old daughter had started to use this word all the time.

Kids do not look up words and see if they already had definitions or not they just start using a word and come up with a meaning for it themselves. This could cause some misunderstanding between people because someone can use a word and think it means one thing but most people will think it means something entirely different.

When younger kids say something like “let’s get lit” all older adults who think it means to get high could be freaking out thinking their kids are getting high or drunk.

New slang words are being created everyday or old slang words are being recreated everyday. It is so hard to keep up with it all and actually know what means what. For me I am having a hard time with talking to my sister-in-law because she is alwyas using new words like “finna” and “finesse” .

It is mind blowing that instead of just saying ” she is gonna catch these hands” kids now say ” she finna catch these hands”

Now do not get me wrong I am about to be twenty and should know all of these slang words because even people my age use them but to me it just makes more sense to use the actual word instead of changing a couple letters or changing a meaning of a wood. I cannot tell you how many people my age use these new slang words in their tweets and day to day conversations that it becomes their natural way of talking.

So next time you want to be cool and use the new slang words look into it a little more and know what you are actually saying before you use it.

Mass Media

Everyone looks at things differently. In this reading we are shown that so many things go into how each individual person perceives things.Things that go into how people see things are their attitudes, expectations, needs, wants, and moods.

Someones attitude can change how they see things. If they are in a good and happy mood they will see things good and see what can be made of these things. A bad mood can make people see things that are good as things that are bad. In the reading there is an example of a dirt lot and a person that was in a good mood was shown the picture and saw potential out of it but when he was in a bad mood he saw the land as useless.

I have seen videos of two people in a room and the one on the right looks tall and the one on the left looks so small, I have always wondered why that happens. In this reading I was given that answer, we perceive it has that way because we have an expectation on the room. We are so use to seeing normal square or rectangle rooms that to us we just assume that it is normal.This room is actual misshaped as a trapezoid so when people are standing at opposite sides of the room it makes it seem like  one is big and the other is small when in fact they are the same size. Our expectations lead us to assumptions of things.

Also in the expectations part of the reading there was something about audio tapes and how people would get them to lose weight or gain more memory. People expected to earned results by buying and using these tapes.A study shows that there is a placebo effect on these tapes.People thought they were being given tapes to help with memory gain but were given tapes on weight loss, at the end of the study it was shown that because people had expected to gain something from these tapes that they actually did get something out of them.

Have you ever wondered why you can see or smell food when you’re hungry but there is no food around? It is because your body wants food . This plays a role into how you see things. When people were given a blank image and they had been hours without food they were more likely to see food that was not there.

In this reading I learned that everyone I know can look at the same thing I look at but get a completely different feeling and perception on it than I get. I have also looked back on things form the last week as I remember seeing  taking something as annoyance and rudeness when my family did not. I was in a bad mood and had a bad attitude which made me see the negative in the situation. The reading on perception and how so many things go into effect on how people feel and see things was such an eye opener.