Manipulating Public Opinion

This article was all about how what everyone thinks is based off of propaganda. Over the years people do studies to see what works in what areas and how to sell things. After these studies they use ads and famous people or famous countries to get approval form them to sell things.

What people think has always been a huge propaganda thing, no one really expresses themselves if they are the only ones doing it so news is used to put out there that many other people think things are cool.

This whole passage really opened my eyes to how if everyone thinks something is cool there could be an ad everywhere that shows it is not cool and suddenly no one would like that one thing anymore. Same goes the other way around if everyone hated something then an ad showed that it was cool everyone would have that thing or do that thing.

Everyone around the world but especially in the U.S.A. ,has to have some sort of approval from someone or some place that shows its cool otherwise to us it is not cool. Our personal opinions have all been based on the public.

Now for the religion part of course the people who don’t believe in eating, wearing, or doing certain things will not do those things because of it being against their religion.

I think people are too afraid to be look at in a bad light by the public so whatever the public says tends to be what goes. The opinions of each individual has become more of a group effort and not an individual thinking on their own and expressing them selves.

Our food has even come to needing an approval , now more often than not it needs to meet certain health code standards in order to be considered okay to sell to people, but some people take it to the extreme and do not buy something if they haven’t seen an ad or heard of anyone  actually buying and eating it. I mean think about when new food places open up a few people go try the new place out and then everyone asks how it was if they liked it if they recommend it and if not enough people tried it out and spread the word it tends to go out of business.

The public opinion is based on propaganda.


The Banking of Education

I had a hard time comprehending what the passage was trying to say, and I feel like this is going to be a short blog because of that but I am going to try my best and take a shot at what I think the message is here. 121021BankingConceptOfEducation

After reading the banking of education I was kind of taken back, there were a lot of different things being thrown out there. I think this passage was trying to convey that teachers and students have to work together in order to make education work. This is not just a one way street of learning.

Teachers not only teach students but learn from students. Students help teachers realize what is working and what is not working when it comes to their lessons. Some teachers act like they know everything and their students know nothing but this reading kind of explained how that does not work. It also went over some other ways of teaching and said how they work.

I think this reading was trying to show how education kind of works like a bank but even with all the explanations of it I really did not understand how, which to me is kind of confusing and scary being that I am in school to become a teacher myself. I think this reading will however stick in my head and I will live through what it is saying and 100% understand what the message is.

You’re Educated

Intelligence many probably read or hear or even say that word and automatically assume it describes someone as smart.

This passage was all about intelligence. It starts off with the author talking about how he scored so high on a test for the military and everyone freaked out about it. For years he always scored high on tests like this because he wanted to be viewed as smart.

He thought he was better than other if he was smarter and could score higher than them on the tests. Then he came to the realization that he may be book or academically intelligent but not with everything. He always went to this one guy who in his words ” could never score more than an 80 on an intelligence test”, but he always went to him.

He then thought if someone who was intelligent in things that he wasn’t made a test he would fail and look and actually be a moron in those categories.

This reading really made me think about intelligence because I have definitely never been intelligent with academia, but life wise I have way more experience and intelligence with because of all I have been through.  This passage made me think well intelligence does not only describe book smart but you can be intelligent in any subject as long as you know a good chunk of it.

But if that is the case then what is intelligence really? Does is really exist? or are people just super knowledgeable in certain subjects that not everyone else is?

This reading was definitely food for thought for me.

Indian Education

Honestly I was not expecting such a quick easy read.

Alexie was bullied his whole life. At first it started out as just other kids his age bullying him ( which happens to a lot of kids, I being one of them).He stood up for himself  one day just to one of the bullies. He also made a best friend from a new kid at school who got in a fight with one of the bullies within his first hour at the school,

This reading was just grade by grade description of a few key points of things that happened in each grade. To me what stood out most was the fact that he kept bringing up that people would say things bad about the Indians. I never thought of Indian’s as being the people who get picked on or that people play a race card with them, I guess I never did because I hear more people say they are part Indian that I never would have guessed people to say such rude things about them.

I think this whole reading wasn’t just to show what his life was like in school but to show what life is like being a full Indian in school weather going to a school on a reservation or a school that is a normal day to day school that a ton of kids go to. I think this was to show that Indians have it harder than we or at least harder than I thought they did. This reading was to show wake people up and see if anyone can relate or maybe even change a little.

I wish I got more than just that out of this and I do not know if it is just me who got one big point of the reading or not but I can however relate to the bullying he got, not in a racial way but bullying in general and it is not fun. I think bullying was used to get people to maybe look deeper and really think about bullying and how it is done to so many different types of people, some more than others.

How To Tame A Wild Tongue


For the most part it was hard for me to understand this passage, yes it had wrote in English after the Spanish to let the readers know what was being said but for me that still made it hard for me to follow.


This  reading talks about how it was like for the author to be a Mexican in America. There are so many different types of Spanish they talk yet they only really speak it to their families and friends in private. When They see each other in public they try to speak only English yet sometimes they slip up and will speak Spanish, when this happens they become embarrassed. I think this passage has a message of how you can slowly stop becoming yourself and lose your identity because of the environment you are around and what is social acceptable and what is not acceptable.  Taming a wild tongue in this passage means to stop saying things that come natural to you.  This whole thing was really just about the different types of Spanish and to whom they speak it to.

I never had to learn another language so for me I did not relate to this passage other than kind of getting the meaning or at least what I think the meaning behind this passage is, which is that you shouldn’t have to tame your tongue or stop being your true self just because people think badly on who you are.

Part 3

As a Result

At first this chapter talks about connecting our sentences. If our sentences are about the same subject connecting them will help the passage flow way better. Without finding a way to make your sentences fit together like puzzle pieces, your writing will sound choppy and you will repeat your subject time and time again. Not only does this part of the book cover connecting sentences but it covers how to repeat yourself without saying exactly what you said before, this is a strategy that does not just connects sentences but helps stay on topic and introduces new topics to old ones. As a result also talks about transition words to help move the passage along. Lastly this reading gives examples to help the reader better understand what the author is meaning and also so the reader can use these examples in their own writing.

Ain’t So/ Is Not

This part of the book talks about mixing day to day language into academic writing. Now doing this in everything one writes is not the best, but with certain writings and audiences adding in your own words or own language of your day to day life can helps the passage liven up a bit and keep readers interested. By saying something academically and then in colloquial  language you are repeating yourself but in a way that can help readers better understand what you are trying to make them understand. This passage uses examples of scholarly writing that has done this to show how it can make it more interesting and also so show how you can do it in your own writing.

But Don’t Get Me Wrong

This chapter talks about meta-commentary,  which is basically what you say to help get to your point or help guide what you are saying  This helps with misunderstanding, by using certain things like “what I am trying to say” or “My point is not (blank) but is ( blank). You have your main text which is whatever it was that you say then you have the metatext which says “hey, here is what I really mean” . Templates are given in this chapter for readers to use in their own writing so they can not only lengthen their writings but get all of their ideas out and help get them out clearly,

He Says Contends

At first this chapter briefly goes over what other chapters have taught us and what pages we can go to in order to get help with writing certain things. After this quick overview we are told about a girl named Antonia Peacocke and how she used this book to revise her essay and make it better. Then we are given her essay t read and in the margins of the essay we are shown annotations. These annotations state what she did and what chapter it is from so we are able to take a look at what she did to better her essay and what chapters we can reread to spice up our own essays.

Part three of this book tells me how to do things and then gives me templates and examples which I happen to find helpful because when I write my own essays I can refer back to the book and get help with what I am trying to say. I think that giving an essay that used this book to help make it better helps me see how helpful this book is when writing an essay myself.

words speak louder

First thing is first this picture is of a child crying and being choked by a hand that is made out of words, this shows that words may be words and they do not actually physically hurt people but on the inside it feels like they really are.  The background is plain to emphasize the point about what words can really do to someone. Not only does the little boy and hand itself show this but they put a sentence  next to the little boys neck saying “ Your words have power use them wisely.” This sentence alone is extremely powerful, but adding in the picture makes it all so real. This is something that is happening to so many people in our world and is such a huge issue because words do not only hurt one on the inside just as bad as being physically hurt , but they haunt a person and some of the words will replay in their mind over and over again. The hand is made out of words, these words are hurtful words like moron, fool, and spoiled brat just to name a few but the hand itself is choking the little boy which signifies that words can kill or almost kill. This uses emotions with the use of a crying child because most people do not like seeing children sad.



A lot like the first picture it shows a little boy crying with a hand made up of words but in this picture there is no sentence beside the kid. The background is still plain which puts all the attention on what is going on the picture. The boy for starters is obviously a toddler, which shows that verbal abuse starts so very young, whether it be from parents, siblings, or even children at a daycare. This is such an issue because these are the kids who grow up and either bully other with words to feel better about this happening or they turn to dark things like self harm. The hand is made from hurtful words and is pulling the child’s hair, this shows that words effect everyone in different ways.  This add uses emotions with a young child to show that even so young they can be hurt by what is being said to them.



This picture does not really have any color which signifies that the subject is important. The lack of bright colors set the mood for something dramatic. The fist is coming out of the guy’s open mouth and is punching the girl. This is showing that words coming out of someone’s mouth can hurt so bad it is like being punched in the face. Words have a powerful meaning behind them, they could “give you a hug” or “punch you in the face”. The emotions in their faces show that he is just saying hurtful things possibly out of anger and her face shows that she is in so much pain by it. The person who created this picture used reality to show people just how much words can effect someone’s life.


words stabbing

What people say can really hurt. This picture is a sketch with words stabbing the girl in the back. She is bleeding out from the words. The lack of color everywhere except for her blood and the words. The blood signifies how deep words can affect a person, the words stabbing her shows that words do a lot more on the inside of a person without anyone even knowing. Hurtful words can get into one’s mind and feels like they are being stabbed in the back. Words slowly kill someone from the inside out. The words at the top of the picture say “words, what they really feel like”, these words are at the top add more to the picture to help get the point across that words can stab you and make you bleed even if it is not shown on the outside. Sadness shows in this picture to help people realize just how sad and hurtful one can be from having hurtful words told to them.